Rock Out With Your Swag Out

Ever been to an RT Convention? Before they ended in 2018 they were the epitome of author/reader get-togethers. It was like a reader’s playground, parties, swag, and authors everywhere. I started attending them as a blogger (Chicago) and at the final one (that I attended), I got to attend as an author.

One of my fave aspects of the convention was the “author alley” or what we called author alley. I don’t remember if this was the actual term or what we just called it. I couldn’t find any confirmation online. In Chicago it was a long hallway that stretched and stretched with tables on the left side that was piled high with swag and promos.

In New Orleans, it was a ballroom piled high with goodies! It was amazing. It was how I found new authors to read. It was how I got a lifetime supply of pens and chapstick.

I don’t know if there will be interest in doing something similar at the events I host, they aren’t even a percentage of what RT used to be, but maybe I can do a small version of author alley and help out authors that can’t attend our signings.

Our first signing will be in Harahan, LA – a little suburb right outside of New Orleans. Send your swag and join the fun!