Websites for Writers

Today we are going to discuss why authors need a website and What that website Should Contain.

Your website is a hub between you, your readers and all the online places you market your books.

Why do I need a website when I can use social media for free?

Website vs. social media

  • Professionalism.
    • A website promotes trust and professionalism in a world of scammers and fly-by-nighters that are flooding the internet. It shows that you are invested in your name, and you are taking this author thing seriously. It also conveys to your readers or publishing professionals that you are here to stay.
  • Control.
    • Social Media apps run on an algorithm that shows users certain posts at their discretion. You have no control over who sees your post and when they see your post. With a website, you have total control. You control exactly what they see and in what order they see it.
  • Get Googled.
    • The thing called SEO. A website is much easier to optimize for online searches. With 93% of online experiences starting with a search engine this is something you want to get behind.
  • Stuck on Social.
    • Once on social media, people don’t leave social media. Buy link conversions are drastically lower on social media than on a website. This means you can drop as many links to B&N as you want on Facebook, but it’s not likely that they are going to follow through on the buy.
  • Info Dump.
    • You can fill your website with ALL the things that readers might need to make an informed decision before buying your books. Users will not scroll through all your insta posts, or dig deep on your Facebook fan page. But, they will poke around your website if you set things up correctly and put ALL the RIGHT things on that webpage.

All the right things?

How do you even know the right things to put on a website? Think about it like writing a book, but add a few more dimensions to it. Like a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE novel.

Watch the presentation above for more!