Setting the Scene – Book Cover Design Types

Choosing a cover for that sacred story that has lived inside of you for so long can be one of the hardest things an author does. And choosing the “right” type of cover to match your genre can lead to anxiety and doubt. There are a few type of common covers, depending on who you ask they’ll have a different name for them, or a different opinion.

One of the most common types of book covers in fiction is THE SCENE type of design. It reflects a scene from within the pages of the book. The hero or heroine is usually depicted, along with a background that displays the aestetic of the world that the h/h lives within. This is a detailed cover, often showing a full body model and will give the impression to the potential reader of what type of world the story will showcase.

Fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, post apocalyptic, western, adventure, and speculative fiction often use SCENE covers.

An Example of Setting The Scene Book Cover Design

This design sets the scene by showcasing the magical world that the heroine lives within. While there is a character shown the character is not the focus. The World, the Moon, The Dragon in the sky all hints at a scifi or fantasy world.

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