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Warm welcomes & salutations to our Hot NOLA Summer attending author, Rayne Elizabeth. We asked Rayne a few questions and she was gracious enough to answer them.

How long have you been writing? What got you started?

Published first in November 2018. Began writing in eighth grade, which is way too long ago to even comment exactly when that was. I started writing to simply escape and get the stories out of my head. When I began all those years ago, I wrote plays, short stories, and poetry. The poetry eventually turned into song lyrics and collaborated with my hubs on numerous songs that he performed over the years. In 2017, I read a Nicholas Sparks book, A Bend in the Road, and realized I wanted to write for real. And here I am.

Which of your books was your favorite to write?

Oh goodness, I don’t know if I can truly pick a favorite. It’s like picking your favorite child. But, the book that really pulled me into finding my style and what I enjoyed writing the most is The Hot Cooler.

Which of your books would you recommend to a reader that hasn’t read you before?

It depends on what you like really. If the Boot Fits was my first and a longer read. For shorter reads, my new release, Prime Property is available. It’s the first book in that series and holds a special place in my heart.

When did you first call yourself a writer?

Hmmm. I still have a problem seeing myself as a writer to be honest. I just enjoy sharing my world and thoughts with people who want to read them. But I guess when I hit publish back in 2018.

“I just enjoy sharing my world and thoughts with people who want to read them.”

Which social media account do you use the most and tell us why you enjoy it?

I dabble in numerous social media platforms. Facebook is my go to though. I have meet so many people over the years as a result. In fact, my best friend and I met via Facebook four years ago.

Are you from the New Orleans area, if so let us know what you enjoy about the city?

Yes. I live about sixty miles from Bourbon Street. My favorite part is actually Jackson Square. I enjoy slipping into a chair at Cafe Du Monde with a few beignets and a cafe au lait and then just people watch. It truly is an interesting and eclectic city.

Are you a vet? Do you write about vets or active duty military? Which branch?

I am not but my husband served in the Army. My story, The Hot Cooler, has some brief descriptions of the main character’s service in the Marines.

If you could spend a day with another popular author, whom would you choose?

Oh goodness, there’s so many I love reading. I guess my first choice would be J.M. Walker. I absolutely adore her and her words.

Have you modeled a character after someone you’ve known, you want to tell us about him or her? The real person and the character.

That’s a loaded question. All my characters have bits and pieces of people I know, I encounter, and even myself. The encounters while fictional usually have a basis from which they’re derived.

Have you ever had writer’s block and how did you overcome it?

YES! I had writer’s block for ten long years which is the primary reason I didn’t release If The Boot Fits until 2018. My job in my previous life was very demanding and intense. It wasn’t until had to take early retirement that the stress began to be removed. That along with several months of therapy truly opened my mind and thoughts once again.

Are you a panster or a plotter?

Both. I do plot to a certain extent and I know what the primary outcome is that I’m working towards, but it never fails. At some point my characters decide I have no clue what I’m doing and take over. Laugh, but it’s true. I have honestly sat back at the end of the last few books and said, “Really?!”

If you sold your rights would you rather a series or movie made of your books?

Great question and my answer would be that I’m an equal opportunity employer. I’ve always dreamed of being a screenwriter. I guess that goes back to my days of writing plays when I was younger.

What genres do you write in?

Contemporary Romance. I primarily write second chance but have numerous anthology pieces that include brother’s bet friend, age gap/enemies to lovers, and paranormal. I also have a co-write series that has rom com influences. The third installment will be available by May 2022 and is a reverse harem. The books in this series are all based on Disney Princesses and they’re definitely NOT your momma’s Disney. Just sayin’.

Tell us about your latest release.

Prime Property is my latest. I started plotting it about a year ago and finally found the window to complete it. It’s a second chance romance based on a high school crush and one night shared on senior trip years before. My hero, Evan, is now a realtor. My heroine, Hayley, is in the market to buy a new home. Their chance meeting at an open house rekindle all those feelings from years gone by. It’s the first installment in the series. I can’t wait to get the next story out! It will not only follow Evan and Hayley’s life but also their friends.

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Rachel Rivera is the owner of NOLA Books & Baubles, and Parajunkee Design and Publishing. Rachel writes apocalypse romance and urban fantasy under the pen name Gillian Zane. She is most prolific on TikTok, find her as @gillianzane

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