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This is awkward. An author interviewing herself, but I am also technically an attending author as well as one of the hosts. So, stop and visit a bit – I am here to entertain.

How long have you been writing? What got you started?

I have been writing since I can remember so this is a long answer. I grew up telling stories. I got in trouble for writing my first romance novel/comic in 6th grade. The storyline consisted of graphic depictions of what I thought male and female interaction consisted of (they went under the covers together). I was called into the principal’s office for that one, along with my dad and mom. My dad scoffed and threw the composition notebook on my teacher’s desk and told him, “This is what you wasted my time over? My daughter is creative, get over it.” I think that solidified my hero worship of my father right there. I later went on to try to major in English and published two short stories during college, but then realized I would have to teach if I wanted to actually work, so I switched to graphic design and went about being an adult. I continued to write though. When I was finally ready to start querying agents I had three books written and had sent off a few and gotten a few rejections. Then Katrina hit and I lost them all. I thought putting the computers up on the desk would do, but thirteen feet of water isn’t forgiving. I gave up after that. At least for a little while. I wrote non-fiction for work, and I began to blog, write technical papers, and how-to manuals about web design. I decided to start a blog about my favorite hobby. Reading. Blogging overwhelmed me and I made a somewhat mediocre name for myself for my blog, mostly because of my technical knowledge and design aesthetic. And then one day, I realized I was spending the majority of my free time writing about something I wish I could do. I sat down and I began to write. And I haven’t stopped. That was in 2014. 

Which of your books was your favorite to write?

A book I’ve never published. A book I lost in Katrina. It was a middle-grade novel of all things about a young girl named Sassafras whose dad was a faerie. When they move back to the town she was born she finds out the truth about where he actually came from and that he might not be dead, that he might be being held captive and she’s the only one that can save him. 

Which of your books would you recommend to a reader that hasn’t read you before?

I have a unique flavor. You have to like a bit of gore and you have to like a lot of spice. If you aren’t into SUPER SPICY go for my KARMA INC. series, if you like ALL the spice then go for my NOLA Zombie series. 

When did you first call yourself a writer?

When I was twelve. 

I have a unique flavor. You have to like a bit of gore and you have to like a lot of spice.

Which social media account do you use the most and tell us why you enjoy it?

I am a BEAST on TikTok – love it and am addicted. Follow me @gillianzane – I’m also on Insta, Facebook, Twitter – all @gillianzane so would appreciate the support. 

Are you from the New Orleans area, if so let us know what you enjoy about the city?

I am. New Orleans for life. Moved away for a few times but the city gets in your blood and doesn’t let you go. I blame it on the food. What I enjoy about the city – it’s gotta be the people. I’ve stood crying in the street with mud up to my ankles because my insurance wasn’t going to cover my house and a total stranger walked up to me and gave me a hug and told me it’s okay, I’m alive, and then regaled me about how they spent Katrina in a tree. I can be in the line at the grocery store and the person behind me will tell me their entire life story because they asked where I went to school and they liked my answer (always the high school). I love the city because you can spend your anniversary every year in the French Quarter and the artist who you bought a tiny print from on your 1-year anniversary recognizes you and congratulates you on your 15th. It’s the smallest big city you’ll ever live in. 

Are you a vet? Do you write about vets or active duty military? Which branch?

I am. I do. USAF for me, and I married a Marine. My brothers both served, one currently, so we are a military family. It’s why I’m hosting this event at the VFW. I was not in a foreign war, but my husband was and it means something to our family to support those that served, especially those that served in circumstances of war. Most of my characters are military as well, my characters in NOLA Zombie series at least, I got Marines and Army all up in those books. You should check ’em out. 

If you could spend a day with another popular author, whom would you choose?

I’m going with a dead one and trying not to be a romantic, but I’m going with Jane Austen. I bet she would have been something. 

Have you modeled a character after someone you’ve known, you want to tell us about him or her? The real person and the character.

Yes. I kill off a certain person I used to work with in each one of my books. They made an impression on me. 

Have you ever had writer’s block and how did you overcome it?

Yes. Writing a book about a pandemic during a pandemic has played hell on the psyche. I motivate myself into writing by letting my inner drill instructor scream at me relentlessly. I’ll tell you if it works. 

Are you a panster or a plotter?

Both. Because I plot like crazy. And then I change it all as I write. 

If you sold your rights would you rather a series or movie made of your books?

I think mine since a series – would do better on a streaming service. 

What genres do you write in?

Apocalypse Romance, Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, Science Fiction Romance

Tell us about your upcoming release.

I have two coming, both second in the series. The second book in my Cajun Zombie series, GUILT, and the second book in my Father Sky series The Curse of Beast & Man. 

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Written by Rachel R

Rachel Rivera is the owner of NOLA Books & Baubles, and Parajunkee Design and Publishing. Rachel writes apocalypse romance and urban fantasy under the pen name Gillian Zane. She is most prolific on TikTok, find her as @gillianzane

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