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Hot NOLA has the pleasure of featuring New Orleans native Ashon Ruffins and his debut novel, DESCENT OF A BROKEN MAN.

How long have you been writing? What got you started?

I’ve been writing for about four years now. At first, I used it as a coping mechanism to deal with depression and anxiety. Then I started developing fictional stories about what I was going through. Next thing I knew I was writing flash fiction, short stories and developed an idea for a novel trilogy.

Which of your books was your favorite to write?

Currently, only Descent of A Broken Man is published, which is book one. It’s my first and I’m very proud of it. Definitely my favorite.

Which of your books would you recommend to a reader that hasn’t read you before?

I recommend Descent of A Broken Man which is book 1 of my Uncovered Darkness series. It covers the journey of a very intelligent and damaged man who refuses to get the help he needs. The story is set here in New Orleans and it might just have you rooting for the villan.

When did you first call yourself a writer?

I didn’t start until I had two of my flash fiction stories publish on a website. I, like most, was having trouble getting to the point of seeing it in myself.

“What I’ve always loved about my city, besides the excellent cuisine, is the rich history and mystery it has.”

Which social media account do you use the most and tell us why you enjoy it?

Twitter and Instagram are tied. Twitter because of the discussions in the #WritingCommunity and Instagram because of the humor among all of the authors and readers. Very funny.

Are you from the New Orleans area, if so let us know what you enjoy about the city?

I was born and raised here. What I’ve always loved about my city, besides the excellent cuisine, is the rich history and mystery it has. It’s a melting pot of not only people, but of historical facts and supernatural tales.

Are you a vet? Do you write about vets or active duty military? Which branch?

I am a Veteran. I’m an Army Veteran. My story does not include any yet, but without giving too much away, I’ll just say “coming soon”.

If you could spend a day with another popular author, whom would you choose?

Being a horror/thriller writer most would think it was Steven King, but for me it’s Dan Brown. The amount of research he does, the blending of fact with fiction, and his structure of story telling are all thing I believe makes his stories gripping and entertaining.

Have you modeled a character after someone you’ve known, you want to tell us about him or her? The real person and the character.

I have. The female protagonist in Descent of A Broken Man is named Nola Maor. She is a smart, strong, tenacious and flawed person. Very likable. She is a blend of both one of my sister and my wife. Both have the same qualities as Nola.

Have you ever had writer’s block and how did you overcome it?

I’ve had it and it’s horrible. I deal with it by writing. Whether it’s one word or ten words, I just keep writing. It doesn’t matter how bad it might be. Doing that and reading or listening to books usually helps me and get the creative juices flowing again.

Are you a panster or a plotter?

A bit of both. I plot out the overall story I have in mind. I Develop the main character and the message I’m trying to send. Then I start to write and let the characters and story take over.

If you sold your rights would you rather a series or movie made of your books?

I would love for Jordan Peele to make a movie or movies. He is my inspiration to tell the stories of the human experience through horror.

What genres do you write in?

I’m a horror/thriller writer. I believe there are so many stories that can be told through the genre that can show the heart and soul of the human experience.

Tell us about your upcoming release.

As I mentioned, Descent of A Broken man is the story of a man that suffers from depression and anxiety, while trying to deal with the difficulties of life. His refusal to get help and his line of work as a history researcher puts him face to face with his choices and a dark and nefarious presence. It’s an entertaining book that explores the fact that our choices are possibly the only thing we as humans have.

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Written by Rachel R

Rachel Rivera is the owner of NOLA Books & Baubles, and Parajunkee Design and Publishing. Rachel writes apocalypse romance and urban fantasy under the pen name Gillian Zane. She is most prolific on TikTok, find her as @gillianzane

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