This is Rachel’s site. She is the only member of Parajunkee Design. She likes it that way. Rachel has been designing since last century. Yep, that’s right she graduated design school and at graduation, they were talking about Y2K. It doesn’t mean she’s old, just has a lot of experience. 

Around 2008 Rachel had been working in the dregs of corporate America in her own version of Hell on Earth when she was told to “learn how to blog.” So, like a good little marketing manager she did. And she was good at it. In fact she was so good at it, she was fired from her job because she was a ‘product of her own success’ (her personal book blog was outperforming the company blog which they had dumped a bunch of money into.

But, because of this personal book blog, Rachel found herself back into writing which she had given up in 2005 when a bitch named Katrina had busted into her house and taken away her three WIPs which she was using to shop an agent. She also got a lot of attention for her design work on the blog and quickly became sought after and thus began the waitlist. There is only one Rachel. She’s looked into cloning but that would be awkward. 

Rachel finally managed to write a few books, under the pen name Gillian Zane, and she has a fetish for craft fairs where she likes to make really inappropriate greeting cards. If she isn’t designing she’s making tiktoks, drawing, writing, or randomly she got her real estate license so she can become a billionaire so she’s showing houses. She can’t sit still.