This novella was previously published in the OUT OF PRINT anthology The Misfits.

She’s hot-headed.
He’s got an ego.
She’s not into relationships.
He’s not relationship material.
She’s lying about everything.
He’s suspicious.
She’s plotting murder.
He’s a homicide detective.

Their relationship is doomed. Or is it?

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Character Profiles:

::::: Possible Spoilers Ahead :::::

Bree Matthews

Bree Matthews is the alias of Brenna Milan, only living member of the Milan family. Old New Orleans money. Brenna attended school in Colorado Springs, but recently returned to New Orleans to take care of business. Brenna’s hobbies included kick-boxing and long-distance running. 

Connor McDowell

McDowell is the youngest member of the NOPD Homicide division in 10-years. He’s a local New Orleanian and grew up in the inner city, Irish from the Irish Channel. He has a black belt in ju-jitsu and taekwondo and has considered doing an amateur MMA fight for fun but needs to work on his kick-boxing. 


Keon “Rip” Brown is the owner of RIP IT gym in central New Orleans. The gym specializes MMA training, but also offers cross-fit targetted fitness training for the more rich clientele. Rip stranded himself in NOLA after his last duty station. He’s former NAVY. Former amateur fighter. He’s determined to get one of his fighters into a professional ring. 

Brad Boudreux

Brad is a member of the New Orleans city council and is currently in the hospital for head injuries sustained from a fall from the GNO bridge. Brad is a suspected murderer and is known as one of the most corrupt council members in the city. 



Played by Daisy Ridley


Played by Wentworth Miller


Played by Shemar Moore


Played by Michael Rooker