NOLA Zombie Spin-off

Gillian Zane brings zombies back! Set in the world she created with the NOLA Zombie series, are you ready for the Cajun Zombie series?
What do you do when the U.S. military starts gunning down infected civilians in the streets? You…Bug Out

Captain Samantha Smith of the United States Army is on a mission to transition out of the military and get a real job. As a mercenary. The problem is, there is a virus that is really messing with her ability to get down to South Louisiana and interview for the job. Flights are shut down, there are rumors about New York being under quarantine, and now she’s forced to drive all the way from Colorado Springs to the Godforsaken environment that is the Louisiana coastline.
The virus is not supposed to be that big of deal, though. Or so the news says, but as Sam gets closer and closer to the city, things get steadily worse. The iKPV virus might be running rampant in New Orleans. As chaos takes hold of the world around her, Sam steps up to command. She finds comfort and loyalty in two soldier she teams up with as the military breaks down around them.
Their new mission: Survive.


Character Profiles:

::::: Possible Spoilers Ahead :::::

Captain Sam Smith

(Imagine without noserings)

Point of Origin: Colorado Springs
Background: Army, special forces training
Speciality: Leader, tactical, sarcasm

René Breaux

Point of Origin: Tink’s Bayou, LA
Background: Mechanic
Speciality: Fixing things, hunting

Corporal Keenan Landry

Point of Origin: Amite, LA
Background: Army National Guard

Staff Sergeant Noah Robichaux.

Point of Origin: Slidell, LA
Background: Army National Guard
Speciality: Teacher

Luc Breaux

Point of Origin: Tink’s Bayou, LA
Background: Sheriff
Speciality: Hunting, politics