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We have numerous events that are looking for vendors. Please fill out the application and/or interest form to let us know you would like to participate in our event.

Craft & Vendor Events

Our craft and vendor events are one and two day events that showcase local crafters, artists, and vendors. If you would like more information please email Julie or Rachel at: jules342009 | rachel or feel free to DM Rachel Rivera or Julie Newchurch on Facebook. In order to be considered as a vendor we will need to know what you are selling and you must include pictures.

April 1, 2023 Oddities Expo moved to October 14th, 2023

We are looking for specific STRANGE & UNUSUAL vendors and entertainers for our Peculiar & Mystical Oddities Expo event. If you think people who would like the STRANGE & UNUSUAL would love to buy your item, this is the event for you!

We are looking for the following type of vendors: (You do not have to sell everything in each category, just one item we would love to have you!)

  • Peddlers of the Metaphysical
  • Weaver of Words (Authors)
  • Brokers of Baubles
  • Traders of the Bohemian, Goth, Rasta and anything Vintage or Strange Collectables
  • Weavers of Tapestries
  • Traders of fandom items, comics, and unique finds
  • Craftsman of Resin, Art, Candles, Clothing, Tinctures and Lotions
  • Merchants of Food, Sweets and Spirits
  • Dealers of the Dark, the Paranormal, and the Witchy
  • Hawkers of Horror
  • Peddlers of the Scaled and Exotic
  • Merchants of Fossils, Taxidermy, and the Undead
  • Specialists in the Unexplained, the Unusual, and the Unknown
  • Experts in Astrology and the Zodiac
  • Entertainers who Disturb as much as they Delight