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This novella was previously published in the OUT OF PRINT anthology The Misfits.

She’s hot-headed.
He’s got an ego.
She’s not into relationships.
He’s not relationship material.
She’s lying about everything.
He’s suspicious.
She’s plotting murder.
He’s a homicide detective.

Their relationship is doomed. Or is it?



Author Interview: Sarah Stein

Author Interview: Sarah Stein

Featured ReleaseAuthor, Sarah SteinAttending author, Hot NOLA Summer Author Event 7.30.22Hot NOLA has the pleasure of featuring romance author Sarah Stein. Sarah took the time to answer a few questions and she'll be attending our July 30th event, so stop by her table...

Author Interview: Ashon Ruffins

Author Interview: Ashon Ruffins

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Author Interview: Summer Layne

Author Interview: Summer Layne

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A new apocalypse romance series from Gillian Zane

Mother Nature is on the warpath. Pandemics. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Volcanos. She will stop at nothing to rid the world of its infestation of humans.

Mankind’s last remaining hope lies in a sleepy little corner of Southern Louisiana, on the shores of Lake Pontchatrain, Influencer Miley Lopez is thriving despite the isolation of civilization being thrust into apocalyptic conditions. Keeping herself busy with physical fitness and clean living, Miley is out on a run when she finds herself caught in a swamp she can’t escape.

Fortunately, Dr. Zeke Salvesen is visiting that same bayou on his hunt for botanical information about the onslaught of pollen plaguing the world. In the instant he rescues her, the two become tools for the gods. Fate has chosen them as weapons against a war that could eradicate human life.

Now, it falls to Zeke and Miley to channel their newfound powers and stop Mother Nature’s murderous schemes. Can the pair battle against their growing attraction long enough to thwart the plans of gods? Or will Mother Earth succeed in her twisted agenda? One thing is for sure, when gods and humans collide there can only be trouble.

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